Institutions, politicians, corruption- Eternal Love.

Institutions, politicians, corruption-Eternal Love.

Writer: Amatullah Amal

General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani was the Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan from 2007 to 2013 and during this time his brothers, especially Kamran Kayani, with the help of the Sharif family, did corruption in military and government housing schemes.

The most famous of these is Ashiana Housing, But there are two other mega-scandals which have not received much media coverage for unknown reasons. The first is Army’s own scheme DHA City Lahore. In 2009, when Kayani was the Army Chief, DHA City signed an agreement to acquire 25 thousand kanals of land for Kayani’s brother Kamran Kayani’s 90% share holding company “Gulabco”.

The company violated the agreement and even after many years bought only 13 thousand kanals of land that too at different places while during that time 15 billion 47 crore rupees were taken from the public through illegal allotment.

It is alleged that Hamad Ashraf, the CEO of Kamran Kayani’s company, transferred that money to his personal accounts and no development work was done in DHA City. 11 thousand victims of this scheme are still waiting for justice.

Apart from DHA City, General’s brother Kamran Kayani, Brigadier Retired Amjad Kayani and Major Retired Babar Kayani also came up in the DHA-1 Ranches Islamabad scheme launched by DHA itself. This housing project was also launched in 2009 during the military rule of General Kayani.
And in this too, another company of Kamran Kayani “Elysium Holdings” sold illegal land allotment certificates worth about 50 crore in collusion with DHA officials. However, the name of Elysium Holdings also appeared in DHA City Lahore, where this company merged with Kamran Kayani’s other company “Gulabco” embezzled the lands.

The scandal of DHA-1 Ranches Islamabad also made a place in the international headlines and made the name of the Pakistan Army well known.
It is worth mentioning here that the stories of corruption done by the establishment, and Sharif family and the Punjab bureaucracy are always come out only after three or four years of retirement of the Army Chief ans thus the system of the beloved homeland Pakistan continues.
And now the most famous of the all time Ashiana Iqbal Lahore projet worth 14 billion where 6 thousand victims of this scheme are still waiting for justice, this scheme tendering for development was held in December 2012. After which 3 companies were shortlisted, including a company “Conpro”, owned by Kamran Kayani.

In February 2013, with the approval of the Punjab Land Developpement Company, this contract was awarded to Chaudhary Latif and Sons Company.At that time Shahbaz Sharif had not taken over the Chief Ministership of Punjab.

Later, the meetings of General Kayani and Shahbaz Sharif in the darkness of the night became successful and after 7 months the contract given to Chaudhary Latif and Sons was cancelled.

Fawad Hasan Fawad, who was Secretary Implementation Punjab at that time, did the ground work on behalf of Shahbaz Sharif. Later investigation revealed that Kamran Kayani deposited checks of 5.5 crore in the accounts of Fawad Hasan Fawad’s brother and sister-in-law and besides that he invested 30 crore 75 lakhs in De Mall Rawalpindi plaza of Fawad’s brother.

Kamran Kayani along with his family has fled to America since 2015 and Pakistani institutions are still unable to being him to the dock of justice.

An interesting incident in this whole matter is that when NAB got tried of non-cooperation of Shahbaz Sharif and Fawad Hasan Fawad and decided to sit them face to face. So Fawad addressed Shahbaz Sharif and said that “Mian Sahib I did what you ordered” and Shahbaz Sharif’s historical answer was “Yes”.

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