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Domestic violence is a topic in Pakistan that is not easy to talk about. Whenever there is talk of violence against women in the walls of the house, there is an uproar in the society. Does everyone get up on their own and ask a woman all sorts of questions? Ever asked why you didn’t report it first? Sometimes he is asked to show evidence that you have been tortured

What is the definition of domestic violence?

Violence is a crime committed against the human body, including economic exploitation, psychological exploitation.

Do Domestic Violence Only Men Do?

I would say that this thinking is completely wrong. “While men subject women to domestic violence, neither do women subject women to domestic violence, but it is a sin to talk about violence against anyone.

Today we see the kind of hardships that women face if they are subjected to domestic violence that they have to go through and report. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. You are living in that house. You have children in that house. If you consider that home a safe haven and your husband or other members of the household abuse you there psychologically, physically or verbally, what option do you have?
You call your family, tell your parents where you are usually told that this is a daily thing and you suppress it and you try to save your home. If you try to go to the police, they will tell you that this is a domestic matter and there is nothing we can do about it. If you talk about it on social media, you are subjected to all sorts of ‘slut shaming’. You are accused of various things. You face charges such as defaming your home.

Now, if we talk about violence against children, then our society has deteriorated and the intelligence of children has also deteriorated.
People in our society have forgotten to distinguish between good and bad. Some of them are educated and some are uneducated.
And some of them are sexually abusing children and then they are silenced by threats.
First, children do not tell their parents or friends about the violence that happened to them out of fear. But when they tell. After that, the parents remain silent for the sake of their honor And then they think about what respect they will have in the society.Child sexual abuse makes a child very scared to tell anyone. The child tells only when he is given a special sense of security, that is, if he is told, he will not be harmed. If the child says that he or she has been sexually abused, the parents should try to stay calm and reassure the child that it is not their fault. Parents should get their child medically examined and see a psychiatrist.

Parents can reduce the chances of sexual abuse of children in the following ways,

1. By telling children that if someone tries to touch your body or does something with you that you find strange, strictly forbid that person and come and tell the parents.

2. Parents tell their children what is a good touch and what is a bad touch.

3. Teach children that respecting elders does not mean blind obedience Tell your parents right away if your teacher, tutor, or family member or friend treats you differently or touches your body in the wrong way.

4. Encourage sexual violence prevention programs in area schools. Children and their families who are sexually abused need immediate medical attention, help and treatment. Pediatric and adolescent psychiatrists help reduce the feeling of inferiority of sexually abused children, deal with thoughts of regret and guilt, and cope with the effects of this violence.
This type of treatment reduces the chances of the child developing serious problems later in life.

Having said all this, I would like to point out that there is some incompetence of our government in this Because when this case of violence and abuse reaches the government, then the government also joins these oppressors instead of justice. In this way, the oppressed do not get justice, but in a full court, questions are asked about their character and their behavior, and they are called bad. That is why no one can speak out against abuse and violence. Let’s get rid of the oppressors from the society who are abusing children and sexually abusing them. Stand firm with the oppressed and support those who have been tortured Now we will all together punish the perpetrators of domestic and child abuse severely so that no one else will ever dare to be involved in this shameful crime.

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